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Guardian Family Program

We are actively seeking a Guardian Family for our next litter.

This would be a female puppy.

If you live in Central Florida and are interested, please Contact Us!

About Our Guardian Program

To balance our desire to maintain a manageable number of dogs with the goal of expanding our breeding program with quality bloodlines, we initiated the Guardian Family Program.

The most exceptional puppies are selected as breeding prospects. Guardian Families acquire their puppies at 8 weeks for a reduced cost, signing a legally binding Guardian Family Home Contract. The puppy becomes an integral part of the family. The family is responsible for regular health maintenance expenses. We cover genetic and physical health testing and all breeding-related costs.

When the dog reaches her second heat (usually around 1 1/2 to 2 years old), the family notifies us, and she spends time with us during breeding. After completion, she returns home for the remainder of her pregnancy. On day 56, she returns to us for preparation and adjustment to her new environment. During this period, she stays with us until the puppies are weaned, approximately 6 weeks. Guardian Families are welcome to visit during this time.

After a predetermined number of litters (usually 4), we cover the cost of spaying, and the contract is fulfilled.

This commitment is permanent, not a foster dog program.

Benefits and Guardian Requirements

Benefits for Guardian Families:

  • Significant price reduction.

  • "Pick of the litter" chosen by the breeder.

  • Monetary Bonuses for your Commitment:

    • $500 when a female is left with us to whelp puppies.

    • $100 when a male dog is used for outside stud services.

  • Price reduction for a second puppy or repeat guardianship with another dog.

  • Breeder Covers:

    • Cost of spaying or neutering after the breeding program is complete

    • All applicable health testing

    • Breeding expenses

Guardian Family Requirements:

  • Own their own home or have written permission from their landlord.

  • Live within a 2-hour drive of our home in Casselberry (Orlando), Florida.

  • Willing to make the dog available for breeding, whelping, and genetic testing appointments.

  • Have prior dog ownership experience.

  • Enforce basic obedience and attend formal dog training classes.

  • Feed premium dog food and cover regular vet checks following our recommendations.

  • Not have intact dogs of the opposite sex in the home.

  • Have a fenced-in yard (no invisible fences).

  • Keep us updated on the dog's growth and training.

  • Work with us to ensure a stress-free breeding and mating process.

  • Commit to the terms of the Guardian Family contract.

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