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Product Recommendations

We are grateful for the opportunity to raise your puppies!

They have been a blessing to our family. 

Here are a few tips and products that we recommend.

What Should I feed?


PawTree is the brand we feed and recommend for the life of your puppy. This is a high quality food, sourced and manufactured in the USA (with the exception of duck from France and B vitamins from Germany).

You puppy is weaned on Real Chicken and Sweet Potato formula. We also recommend the Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil.  Review our product suggestions on our Custom Shopping List


Placing Your First Order:

  • New customers will receive 20% off on your first order over $100. Use code INTRO4U.

  • Sign up for EZ Ship (reoccurring orders) and add 3 non-kibble products such as treats and Salmon Oil to get free shipping! You can cancel at any time.

  • If you have any questions or struggle with the website, please call me.

Should I Use a Crate?

We highly recommend crate training your new puppy!  Having your dog crate trained helps the potty training process. Instinctively your puppy will not want to relieve themselves in the same place where they sleep. A crate is your dog’s den and acts like its own room. It is a place where your dog can go when they want to sleep or if they need a break from the activity in your house.


The crate should never be used for punishment. You should very rarely have to force your dog in a crate. Train your dog to go into it’s crate when you say “Crate”. For this behavior to continue, give positive reinforcement (verbal praise, petting, a treat etc.) whenever your dog successfully goes in their crate on command especially for the first two years. A crate also provides a safe place when you can’t supervise the puppy.  Buy a crate that will fit your dog at their projected weight, but get one that has a divider (or use a box or make a barrier) so that the crate grows with your dog.  If it’s too large, you puppy may use one section as a bathroom and one as a bedroom.



We have just established a partnership with All Star Dog Trainers in Winter Springs, FL.

Tara is amazing and offers a variety of services. She will come to you or you can send your puppy to “boarding school” for two weeks where she will teach them basic manners, crate training and housebreaking. Her results are amazing! She also offers regular boarding if you will be traveling and puppy needs a refresher course. Check out her Facebook page for more information!

Outside the Orlando Area?

We recommend the Baxter & Bella online puppy school. It’s an excellent resource with online classes, videos, podcast, and live help.

The trainer, Amy, starts with what to do before you take your puppy home and covers basic obedience and more such as introducing your puppy to your kids, crate training, potty training, manners, and more!

Check out Baxter and Bella and use our coupon MYLITTLEDOODLE for 25% off.

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Our Favorite Products

Wash'n Zip

We love the Wash N Zip beds! They are super comfy for the dogs, and unzip to a blanket that you can use on your couch or in your car. They fit more easily into a washing machine than a traditional bed.

The Puppy Proofer is a cover that goes over your bed with protective corners that make is harder for your puppy to eat the corners of the bed (the zippers can be tempting for young teethers!).

Order your Wash'n Zip Bed here using the code 'LITTLE' for a 15% off discount.



Here are several must-have products for grooming your doodle.

  1. Ear Cleaner from PawTree

  2. Nail Clippers

  3. An Excellent Hairbrush:

  4. Wide-tooth Comb

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